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Cutting an Email

I have had the privilege (or curse – it depends on one’s perspective) of having about eight years of professional experience in cutting email campaigns in various companies I have been employed. Within that time frame I have learned a few quirks to watch out

The ROI of User Experience

A Webinar Presented by AMA Aquent* Willy Lai’s presentation brings clarity and simplicity to the User Experience (UX) process, and this webinar is a must view for anyone involved on a web project. Lai walks through the practical purpose of user experience, the effect it

Online Presence: Is anybody out there?

It’s very simple. The modern world is a plugged in world. Sometimes that’s an inconvenient truth, but it’s a fairly inescapable one. Everyone from old acquaintances to prospective employers is looking. What will they find? Personal Branding Your online presence is a bit like a smile

Thinking about a Redesign?

I ran across a wonderful article by Patrick Neeman today via Twitter. His discourse on The Redesign: Questions to Ask Before You Start is timely and informative, and something any person in the trenches of a culture transition battle will relate to. The Battle Resistance